Posible Endings for The Vampire Diaries 

1. Twins siphoned Kai’s spell

What if in episode 8×15 when Josie and Lizzie siphoned Bonnie’s magic, they siphoned Kai’s spell too, which he placed on Bonnie and Elena, so Bonnie doesn’t die and Elena wakes up. Who wouldn’t want that end?

2. Bonnie dies 
The most predictable ending is that bonnie dies, and gets reunited with Enzo so Elena comes back as we all know Nina is making a come back. 

3. Vicki rings the bell 12 times

What if Vicki rings the bell 12 times successfully unleashing hell on earth? Or even if she gets interrupted by someone she’s going to open a door to hell the same way Matt did. Which means more characters coming back. Explains why many characters will make an appearance in last episode. 

4. Elena’s life linked to an immortal

What if Kai didn’t link Elena’s life to Bonnie because she would die in 60some years, instead Lily told Kai to link Elena’s life to Stefan or Damon so that she can have her revenge on Damon and Kai said this Bonnie thing so that Damon would kill her. 

5. Damon dies

What if Elena wakes up and the person she has to bid farewell to in the cemetery is the love of her life, Damon Salvatore. Brutal? Yep. Didn’t Julie said that on a scale of 1-10, this episode goes to 11 in brutality. 

6. Katherine steals Elena’s life AGAIN

Why would they show us the most speculated moment from the whole season that is DELENA REUNION? Something tells me, that it’ll not be that simple. Maybe that’s Katherine pretending to be Elena as she has already done this before. 

7. Elena in coma

The most popular fan theory is that what if Elena has been in coma since her parents’ car fell off the Wickery bridge and it was all a dream, but at the end of the episode, we see Stefan and Elena meeting for the first time just like in her dream. As Paul had his last scene with Nina. 

8. Caroline? 

We have fan theories about Salvatores dying, and Bonnie dying, but then there’s Caroline, a main character no one thinks is gonna die so… maybe Caroline? And Katherine has already killed her once. 

9. Delena Endgame

As Damon has sacrificed himself for his brother & his girl in 8×14. It could be Stefan’s turn. He has the cure that Damon planned on taking with Elena to get his happily ever after. Maybe, Stefan will give the cure to Damon when Elena wakes up that’s why he’s all teary eyed in the promo and the main death is his.

10. Happily ever after

What if Steroline, and Bonnie live their lives happily for 60 some years before Stefan and Bonnie’s death and when Stefan is dying Damon gets the cure so that when Bonnie dies and Elena wakes up, he can live his life and Caroline moves to New Orleans.  But we all know this ain’t happening. 

So what do you think about the possible ending? Share your thoughts. 


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