Bucket list


Damon was startled to see a girl lying in the middle of the road. He has some company he thought. “Hi,” he said

“Hi,” you replied in a proud voice

“I hope you wont mind if i join you.” He said while lying beside you. You smiled he clearly didn’t care if you’d mind or not. 

“No, I won’t”

“So you’re new in town?”

“Yes, I am on my holidays so What are you doing here?”

“The same thing you’re doing.“

“And what am I doing?” You asked him challengingly. 

“To get something to eat.”

You laughed at his reply. 

“Okay, then you’ll get me something to eat.”


“But you didn’t tell me your name?”



Now you were both lying in the middle of the road staring in each other’s eyes instead of stars. Those blue eyes were so dark that you could get lost into them. And he knew your Y/E/C eyes were so bright that he could find himself in them. 

He was now listening to your heartbeat. It was calm. He realized that you’re not what he thought you are. 

“So, what were you doing here?”

“Umm, nothing just looking at the stars in the middle of the road, ticking some goals off my bucket list. And you?”


He heard a car coming, he realized that it was fast and if you’re human you’ll not be able to run when you’ll hear it. 

You and him were looking at each other, it was something you never felt before. He was dark, mysterious, and…

The next moment you were in his arms at the side of the road with the speed of light. You realized that he saved your life. 

Now, your heartbeat was fast but your face was still calm, you were not afraid of him. 

For you, he was a hero. You closed your eyes and your lips met. It was a feeling you couldn’t describe. It was a feeling you’ve never known. And you know, you never will. 

When your lips parted and you opened your eyes. He was still looking at them. 

“You will not remember anything from tonight. We never met. Nothing special happened tonight”

And the moment you blink, he was gone. You were there at the side of the road alone. Puzzled you started walking to boarding house that’s where you’re staying. 


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