One of the five Part-1

Damon x reader

Reader works with Jeremy and her boyfriend, Matt at the Grill. Matt doesn’t want you to get involved in vampire business. Little did he know that she’s already naturally involved…

Another boring day you thought, while setting tables at the grill with your boyfriend Matt. All your friends were having crazy things going on in their lives. Bonnie was relearning her magic, Elena was adjusting to her newly vampire self, Tyler had broken sire bond for Caroline and an Original hybrid fancied her. 

And then there were you, an average human girl with average human life, and an average human boyfriend. 

While you were busy hating your life in your thoughts. A man walked in after pushing Jeremy and having a pistol pointed at him. You and Matt gasped.  

“Now that I’ve your attention, Sit.” 

“SIT DOWN” He ordered. 


“What do you want with us?” You asked when he was busy setting up traps. 


“Then why are you holding us hostages?”

“So that I can kill your friends-vampires. Now who should I text first? Stefan Salvatore so that he can come, save his girlfriend’s brother? Tyler Lockwood to save his best friend? Or Damon Salvatore to save his girl?” 

You were shocked that he called you Damon’s girl while Matt and Jer both looked at you. 

“I’m not his girl” you protested. 

“He’s gonna come for you anyway. Well, I’m going to invite them together.” He texted them. 


While you sat there with Matt waiting for your friends to come and get killed, Jeremy was talking to the hunter about something that involved compulsion, secrets, hunters, and tattoo. 

“Only a potential hunter can see this tattoo. It’s a hunter’s mark. The more vampires you kill the more it grows” Hunter said. 

“Can you see his tattoo?” I asked Matt. 

“No, can you? “He replied

“No” I lied. 

“When they will come, he will kill them we should do something. ”

“We can’t do anything, Y/N”

The hunter then tied Jeremy and Matt to the chairs and took me as leverage.

After that someone came through the front door and the bomb triggered. All of us were scared. Luckily it was Klaus’s hybrid. The hunter took off his shirt and you could see his mark visibly growing. 

 Suddenly the back door opened and someone vamp speed inside. It was Stefan. The hunter fired at him. He hid behind the counter but the hunter pushed me on the bomb. 

“No” I cried. 

“Come out Stefan or I’ll kill her” he said pointing his pistol towards me. 

“Connor, no one has to die” Stefan said. 

“Not her” said a familiar voice. 

Damon snapped his neck but it was too late he had already shot at me. As I fell, Stefan saved me. 

“Y/N, hey look at me” you heard the voice that breathed life into you. 

Where were you, Damon? What took you so long. You wanted to ask him. “You’re fine. You’re going to be fine.” He healed you with his blood. “I’m sorry” He said. In a moment, there you were all healed. You hugged him. “I wanted to come early.” He said eyeing his brother who was untying Jer, and Matt. “Thank you” you said. You caught a glimpse of your hand hugging him and there was a tattoo-the hunter’s mark. 

You pulled away from him quickly. “I’ve to go” you said and walked out. You didn’t want to but you were scared. 


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