Damon x reader

It was Elena’s bday party. You were almost ready to go to Salvatore Boarding House when you heard a knock on the door. It was Stefan. He left with Klaus after Damon got werewolf bite. You didn’t know he was back. “Hey, Stefan! When did you come back? Are you not going to Elena’s birthday? Oh, just come on in.”

Stefan didn’t reply. He just came in. He was oddly quiet. At that moment you realised something was wrong. You started to run to your room. But it was too late and you had already invited him in. The next moment, he was right in front of you. He made you drink his blood. You tried to fight but it was in vain. He then pulled off your vervain bracelet. “You are not going to move and you’ll do as I say” he compelled you. 

He took your phone and messaged someone. 

“Why are you doing this?” You asked him. 

“So that your boyfriend stops looking for me” he said

“He is your brother, Stefan and Elena’s so worried about you. They both are.” 

“Shut up. Or I’m going to kill you right now.” 

“You’re still going to kill me either way”

The door of the house smashed open. It was Damon. You realised he was not invited in your house. It was your new house and none of your friends were invited in. As you were about to invite him in. Stefan said, “you’re not gonna invite him in”

“Invite me in, Y/N” Damon yelled. 

“Damon, I’m compelled . I can’t.”

“What are you doing, Stefan?” Damon asked. 

“I’m gonna kill her, brother”

“You will not do this. Not to her. You will not touch her, Stefan. Or I’m going to rip your heart out” 

“I told you not to come back after me. You didn’t listen. You’ll have to face the consequences”

“Stefan, not Y/N. You can do everything you want but not to her. You can torture me in every way possible but please don’t hurt her” he begged. 

“See, Damon. I’m torturing you in worst way possible.” He snapped your neck. 


You could feel someone was holding your hand. You’re constantly struggling to gain consciousness and to open your eyes. You gathered all your energy and tried to breath. You were alive. Actually, you’re in transition. Damon was shocked when you sat up. 

“Y/N, you’re alive?” You looked at him with tears in your eyes. 

“He fed me his blood, Damon” tears were flowing down your face. He hugged you. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m really sorry.” He said. You buried your face in his neck and you knew he’ll make everything right. 


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